Paul Davies - cartoonist

I've been a professional cartoonist for many years now and the nature of the business and my own business has changed in many ways. I've had a website for quite a number of years too and I have now simplified this site and put my main portfolio on to my "Prints" site which can be found from the link above.


In the past I have been commissioned by a wide range of people across a large range of businesses, at first primarily these were art directors and designers. This is no longer the case and these days I am concentrating on what might be described as "all my own work".


I have various projects that I am working on. One of my own main aims is to make my work available to anyone out there, in the main as prints or to use as they would like. So, my work is no longer necessarily commissioned, it is almost all self-generated.


Changing my website to reflect what I do now and not what I did in the past seems a good idea. That aside if there are any projects you'd like me to be involved with then I will naturally be interested. I love to talk about ideas and am happy to help anyone to realise theirs. I'm always happy to collaborate on creative projects, so if you'd like to work with me then please get in touch.


Thanks for dropping in!


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I'm making an exhibition of myself, go to Manchester to find out more!