I used to do colour and I used to do drawings about what I called Green and Pleasant. I did these many years ago and the message was clear to me then as it is now. 

For those of you of a techie nature interested in how these were drawn, I can tell you that as usual I did the line work and then the final artwork was produced by making a black and white acetate print of the line work. The acetate was then painted, rather like those early animated films, with animation paints, producing vibrant flat colour. Backgrounds are done in marker and chalks. It was an expensive and time consuming job, but it produced pieces of colour work that is still as vibrant as the day it was done. 

This can all be done these days in photoshop!

Which is how I produce colour artwork these days. Line work still done on paper and then colour added digitally.

The originals of these are around A2. 

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Paul Davies Cartoons