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I am always happy to look at your project or idea and see what I can do for you.

I have in the past done work for safety campaigns for a building company: a great way to get across a serious message.I've worked on drawings for websites here and there for marketing companies and for a school. In house training and drawings to get across company policies for a large manufacturer where the MD likes illustation ( good for him ) rather than boring old powerpoint. Regular cartoons for a brand management/recruitment company were fun to do, they sent me the text and I'd send back an idea or two.


Want to work with me? Here's how I think it's best to work.

We talk about what you want to achieve. I go away and sit with my head in my hands and then send you initial thoughts on what I think will work. You send back observations on the story so far. I send back more drawings, very rough drawings, for further development and observation, you choose which of them you want to be finished. I draw the final line work and send it to you for approval. On approval I go ahead and finish the final drawings and send them to you as digital files.

There's a fee for the work in producing the first ideas, then a fee for each of the final drawings including what right to the drawing are sold. No rights are assigned until I have been paid in full.

All quite simple really. If you have any questions then please get in touch.

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Heading 1

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