William Dozer_ Digger Driver

Brian Nillon_ Shirtmaker

Eileen Dover_ Seaside Landlady

Douglas Over_ Vegetable Gardener

Neil Downe_ Local Vicar

Olive Groves_ Health Food Shop Owner

Euan Mee_ Registrar for Weddings

Richard Tate_ Gallery Guard

Seymour Totty _ Door Security

Ronald Deiview _ Walk leader

Some years ago I thought it might be fun to do a series of drawings on 'odd' names, and the possible work these people with odd names might have. It was an idea donated to me by Derek Pament, who has a bit of an odd name himself. I believe a pament is a sort of roof tile.

Anyway, Derek had this idea formenting under his roof tile and I brought it to images. Thanks Derek, it kept me from bothering people for a while.

Paul Davies Cartoons