Seymour Totty _ Door Security
Seymour Totty _ Door Security
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Mechanical expertise that is second to n
Mechanical expertise that is second to n
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This is where to find most of my stuff. It's separated into black and white drawings of people, as well as a few 'projects' that I've involved myself with over the years

In recent years I've done a lot less commissioned work and taken to producing work from my own ideas. Recently I have done a series of drawings based on the ideas of Pont, a talented 1930s cartoonist who illustrated the British Character, take a look at my take on it here.


More recently I have done a series of drawings on Names.These were exhibited a couple of years ago and there are some originals still for sale.

My page called You People, was done some years ago and is a series of simple black and white drawings on trades and professions. You might see yourself here?

From many years ago and featured in a small way are some drawings I did in the 90s which were about the Environment. They still resonate with me even more so today. See what you think.

Glossary is a collection of illustrated writings about the true meaning of Gloucestershire place names. A fascinating look at local history that features every month in Cotswold Life Magazine. None of it remotely true.

I do the odd commission here and there, so if you want me to collaborate with an idea of yours just get in touch. 

As well as drawing cartoons, I have recently done a series of landscape line drawings. These are generally landscapes inspired by my own photographs. I'm hoping to be able to offer colour versions of these works in due course, but for the time being the originals are simply black and white line. See them here.

I've also taken the opportunity to showcase my photography here. I used to separate my cartoon work and the other stuff, by producing the other under the name of Edward Davies ( Edward is my middle name ) and you can find me right here, with this new site I'm keeping my two halves together.

I've also taken to writing, this is in the form of my blog and you can see what I have to say by clicking the link.

When I'm not faffing about with all this I also love to garden and grow on my allotment. I'm not telling where that is, which is the whole purpose of plotting: to get away and get growing.

Thanks for popping by and taking a look around my digital plot.

A Green Christmas
Ice Cream Man