When I started my career in cartoons it was thanks to my parents having an open mind about exactly how I would earn a crust. They were never the slightest bit embarrassed about it and told all our friends and relations. Some of them I suspect thought it a bit of an odd job, and one in particular, a very dear Aunt, was heard saying to a friend that I was a cartoonist "but he can do proper drawings as well". 

This page is dedicated to my dear Aunty Anne. These are my proper drawings.

I think she would have liked them.

The Plot. This is a view from my allotment over to Dennis's fine piece of growing. Like all of these it's drawn on card with Indian ink and an old fashioned dip pen. There may be a touch of white paint here and there.

A Cotswold Lane on a bright and breezy day

Canmore in the Canadian Rockies

By some water in the South West of France

High up in the Derbyshire Dales this signpost pointed the way we should be going.

At the bottom of the Chalford Valley in Gloucestershire is a meadow with a stone building, this is the view there. This is the very first stage of this drawing.

A stile on the South Downs Way walk. This was a brilliant bright green day with loads of oil seed rape fields. Great for shadows.

All of these black and white drawings are intended to be converted to colour digitally, and here is just one of the colour versions of the South Downs Way. The original artwork is done on paper, the colour finals are digital files.


I hope you've enjoyed this small tour of my proper drawings.

If you'd like to have one of these original black and white drawings or a colour print then please get in touch from here

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