I've lived for many years in Gloucestershire, despite being brought up in Lancashire and working in London for a number of years.

I'm very fond of this county, it is brilliantly beautiful in many ways, and I'm very fond of the people. They go right across the spectrum from the very poshest people you might meet with their accents that are pure cut glass to the opposite where what they say is barely discernible. I love the range of places to visit and have devised a small guide to the true meaning of some Gloucestershire place names entitled : Glossary.

Drawings and writings on this learned subject can be read every month in Cotswold Life, a magazine mainly populated by the well to do and advertisments for eye wateringly expensive hand made kitchens which no one in their right mind would ever cook in. The people who buy these kitchens probably eat out more than most, and not at the local chippie either.

Here are just a few of the drawings and writings from the series. They need the words to make sense, so make sure you read them to get the full gist.

Hope you enjoy, and coming here is much cheaper than Cotswold Life...

To make sense of my drawings and for the full history of the place names they illustrate please click on the individual drawings